Quality and Usefulness of Barbour Wax Dog Coat

"At Bella and Watson we create beautifully tailored dog coats, jackets, robes and accessories. Hand stitched in our Yorkshire workshop, using organic, eco-friendly materials.
Easy to put on and take off for dogs with arthritis/injury. "

Our furry friends also enjoy spending time outdoors during the cold winter months and need protective clothing such as sweaters and coats. Most dogs do not need these protective covers, as they have enough fur to keep them warm. Very small dogs have difficulty in maintaining body temperature, so if the dogs are outside for long periods, they may need a sweater or coat in the winter. If the furry friend is short-haired or warm climate breed, then it will need cold weather wear.

What is Barbour style wax?

It is a brand name for often dark green coats made of special waxed cotton that protects the wearer from rain and wind. Waxed jackets are a type of waist-length jacket made from waxed cotton, a symbol of rural life in England and Ireland. Today, it is often worn in rural outdoors such as hunting, shooting, and fishing. 

Barbour Sons Ltd is renowned for its jumpers, Moleskin wears corduroy wear, and tatter sole shirts. Barbour is also entering the "waterproof and breathable" market with its unique waterproof lining, cordura shell, and a fleece sweater.

Barbour style wax dog coat

Made of medium-thick waxed cotton for rugged water protection and protection from rugged terrain, this stylish dog coat is lightly padded for warmth and is a traditional barber. It features a tartan lining and a smart corduroy color that folds forward for added protection in the rain.


This quality barbour style wax dog coat is made of waterproof, windproof, and puncture-resistant cotton canvas, and its high-quality layers protect the dog from the external elements. If you are looking for classic dog coats that your dog can wear for several years, then these are perfectly made and are worth the investment.

How qualitative is Bella and Watson Dog Coats? 

Bella and Watson Ltd is a reputed supplier of barbour style wax dog coats that are of high-quality and made of premium raw materials, and organic environmentally friendly fabrics. The coats and jackets that the company offers are manufactured customized way to accommodate dogs of different sizes and breeds. Wearing these coats, the dogs will feel fully comfortable and experience mobility as required.  

Best quality barbour style wax dog coats are made long-lasting and durable. They can withstand weather resistance and provides a great shine to the wearer dog while the dog is outdoor irrespective of the weather condition. When it comes to fabrics, they have high elastic and durable nature.