Affordable Antarctica Cruise trips in 2022

Polar Holidays is a travel agency that specializes in booking tours and cruises to both Arctic and Antarctic regions. Our partnerships with high-quality specialty cruise lines allow us to provide the best tour for you! It is our goal to provide you with your dream expedition based on your

Are you planning a cruise trip? If that is the case, then you should embark on a cruise trip that will be remembered for the rest of your life.  In such a circumstance, the Antarctica cruises are the best option for you. If you're looking for the perfect vacation, Antarctica cruises will definitely give you the breathtaking experience that you may be searching for. Through this activity, you can discover the wonders of Antarctica that not many have visited.


If you're looking for a unique vacation experience, you'll find it on Antarctica cruises. At the same time, these ships take you miles from home to experience the world. How many people can say they went on a cruise and saw penguins play in a glacier? The cruises for the Antarctica trip are more or less like hotels and are equipped with all necessary amenities that you may require during the trip starting from food, and drink to entertainment. Find the affordable Antarctica Cruise!

2022 Antarctica Cruises

Are you planning for 2022 Antarctica Cruises? Then, you can find the best cruise trips from 2022 to Antarctica online. I think it will be a remarkable experience for the visitors to travel to the frozen continent. Please check on the itinerary published so far on the website and tell about your wishes and plans!


Deciding when to visit the frozen continent remains one of the most important considerations as there are amazing and unique highlights every month. The peak season stands from December to February. At this juncture, the temperatures are the mildest and wildlife is the most abundant. This isn't just the best time to visit Antarctica. It's the only time when the ice melts and ships can pass. The iceberg here maximizes in November that is sculptural and surreal. The continent is cold, but the islands carry pristine ice, snow, and wildflowers.


During the long December days, the penguin chicks start to hatch and humpback whales migrate from the tropics. Encouraged by the 'warm' Antarctic climate in midsummer, the penguin chicks adjust to their new homes throughout January, and the seal pup colonies are equally active. Late in the season, the colonies are heaps of noise and activity as the chicks fledge and the sea ice moves away.

Main Cruise Attractions for 2022

  • Falkland Islands – South Georgia to Antarctica
  • Weddell Sea – quest for Emperor Penguin, including helicopters
  • Antarctica – ‘Basecamp’ activities such as free camping, snowshoe/hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, photo workshop, etc.
  • Antarctica – Discovery learning voyage
  • Basecamp Antarctica trip includes Anvers Island Flandres Bay and activities like Free camping, kayaking, navigational workshop, mountaineering, snowshoe, etc.

Polar Holidays is a high-end travel agency that specializes in providing affordable Antarctica Cruise trips. Book your tours and cruise trips to both Arctic and Antarctic regions now!  The travel agency offers both cruise and air cruise adventures. Contact its team for itineraries, travel advice, and booking inquiries. The agency’s partnership with high-quality specialty cruise lines allows it to provide the best tours for you.