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Best Of Morocco Tours is a wholly Moroccan-owned corporation and one of Morocco’s leading incoming tour operators, providing a comprehensive range of Moroccan travel services and products for inbound groups and tour operators worldwide, including Travel Agencies and Event planner.

Morocco is a country that is primarily considered European but it is an African country. The places in Morocco are very charming and the weather is very pleasant. The climate is very pleasant and it's a great place to spend your vacation. Morocco is divided into several regions and all the regions carry some attractive tourist destinations. Morocco's charm is involved in its diversity. Morocco is characterized by different landscapes such as forests, coastlines, rivers, mountains of the Middle High Atlas, and the Sahara Desert that offer a wide array of sports and activities. Check for the best Morocco tour package!

Best Attractions of Morocco -

Five Imperial Cities of Morocco include -

  • Casablanca
  • Fes
  • Rabat
  • Meknes
  • Marrakesh

Morocco's five imperial cities and visitors can get lost in their maze-like medinas that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Sahara Desert in Morocco

The best season in Morocco's Sahara desert is from October to May. Daytime temperatures are mild and generally dry with humidity around 10%, and sandstorms are frequent from January onwards. In Morocco, if the mystical and rugged beauty of the desert pulls you, then the Eg Chebbi dunes are the best option for a Sahara desert tour. You can board the flight from Marrakech to the Sahara.

Morocco Atlantic Ocean Journey

Morocco benefits from miles of sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast. These beaches in Morocco are great for water sports enthusiasts, but they aren't the cocktailing and relaxing beaches that sunbathers might expect.

Best of Morocco Tours is a top Morocco tour operator offering the best morocco tour tailored to the needs and budget of its customers. Being a wholly owned Moroccan company, one of Morocco's leading inbound tour operators provides a full range of Moroccan travel services and products to inbound groups and tour operators around the world, including travel agents and event planners. The tour operator has been founded on simple principles and ideas. It is dedicated to providing local sightseeing activities instead of sightseeing with crowded Tours.

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