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Best Of Morocco Tours is a wholly Moroccan-owned corporation and one of Morocco’s leading incoming tour operators, providing a comprehensive range of Moroccan travel services and products for inbound groups and tour operators worldwide, including Travel Agencies and Event planner.

Morocco is the second most-visited tourist destination of Africa. This North African country stands second to Egypt in terms of number of tourists visit each year. An average of 11 million tourists visits Morocco every year. Morocco's cultural and historical heritage has made Moroccan cities some of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourism – accounts for about 7% of Morocco's economy and creates millions of formal and informal jobs.


The Moroccan government regards tourism as an important sector of the country's socio-economic development. In addition to Morocco's historical and cultural tourist attractions, the government has invested heavily in the development of tourism infrastructure in recent years, boosting Morocco's prospects as a premier tourist destination in the world. Today, Morocco is witnessing a recovery of its tourism sector as there is a considerable increase in tourist influx from foreign countries after the lifting of strict Covid19 restrictions. Want to experience morocco tours?

What Morocco offers for tourists?

Morocco happens to be a popular destination for culture lovers, adventure travelers, backpackers, couples, families, and foodies. Diverse offers have promoted: spa, business, desert, mountains, culture, and sustainable development to come up. Every city has its own charm. Morocco is already a popular travel destination among Europeans. Travelers from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany seem to be greatly fascinated by Morocco's wonders and keep coming back to experience morocco tours, specifically for its ever-changing charm and return year after year.


The Moroccan city of Marrakech in particular has a reputation being a top tourist destination. Marrakech offers tourism and animation, and you can find some of the world's best hotels and luxury resorts here. Casablanca is a city known for business and finance. Rabat is a stable capital. Tangier is Morocco's gateway door to Europe. Marrakech always offers a trendy and fun weekend. Essaouira attracts sports enthusiasts who are keen on surfing kites and sailing onboard. And history and culture buffs can indulge their passion from virtually anywhere.

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It is the best-known and professional Morocco Tour Operator offering tailor-made Morocco tour packages keeping the diverse needs of its clients. Being a wholly owned Moroccan Corporation certified by the Morocco government, it provides a full range of Moroccan travel services and destination packages for national and international tourist groups, including transportation services and event planning. The guided tour to Morocco will surely meet your expectations and provide you with wonderful memories. Our experienced travel professionals provide industry-standard personalized service and impeccable execution. The itinerary is customized from the ground up to ensure your safety and satisfaction.