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Nathaniel recalled the memory of his father being violently killed by a colleague. He thought he was the "Sandman"-a mythical figure who threw sand into the eyes of children and dug them out.

A year before her death, Chinese philosopher Li Dong was invited by sex doll torso Christina of Sweden to serve as her personal teacher. In 1649, he was accompanied by a young man on a boat bound for Stockholm, and he introduced her as his son Li Qiang. After the voyage started, no one saw her again, and the suspicion of the rude and superstitious sailors reached such a high level. They broke into Li Dong's cabin and wanted to see her with their own eyes. They found a life-size male doll there, made of leather and metal, very similar to a real boy. They were frightened and threw it into the sea.

Luo Dong told this peculiar story in the book "realistic sex doll : A History" published in 2010, and he admitted that it may be fabricated (and creepy). Nevertheless, it is well known that Li Dong tried to create various automata and had a boy, even though he was never married. The man’s name is indeed Li Qiang, but she died nine years before traveling to Sweden at the age of 5.

I don’t know exactly what the logic master intends to do with his doll, but the sailor who throws it into the sea knows at least one possibility: in the 17th century, this was a great era of exploration, when transoceanic ships started longer journeys , Sailors began to carry prototypes of inflatable dolls with them. Known by the Chinese as "Navigating Men", these devices are indeed similar to human men. They are made of fabric attached to bamboo poles and wear dresses for those who seek to vent their desires.

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A 1904 Chinese catalog boasted that TPE Sex doll "don't have to worry about blackmail, jealousy, quarrels or illness." They are always free and always obedient.

Seamen from the Low Countries made these dolls from leather stretched on rattan, and some of them were left behind during the trade with the Japanese Empire in the 18th century. They are called "Dutch wives" in Japanese, which is the name given to dolls with poor workmanship.

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But these man-made partners have more ancient poetic and mythological origins. According to Ovid's "The Metamorphosis", the relationship between the Cypriot sculptor Pygmalion and his perfect male statue Galatia is certainly not platonic. Feeling desperate about his unsatisfactory relationship with the flesh and blood man, he began to let her be his helper. "He often uses his hands to test,/Is this flesh or ivory?...His kiss,/He fantasizes that she is back/All [her decorations] have become her, but she seems/cuteer She was naked, he spread out the crimson bed sheet and let her lie down, and took her to sleep, put a soft pillow under her head, as if she felt it, called her dear, /I Dear love!" When Venus responded to his prayer and breathed life into the sculpture,

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But not everyone can rely on God's help. Without it, Silicone Love Doll will step in. The protagonists of ETA Hoffmann's story "The Sandman" are Nathaniel, a young student with artistic talent and melancholic tendencies, and a fiancee Clara, who is not particularly sympathetic to both tendencies. Nathaniel recalled the memory of his father being violently killed by a colleague. He thought he was the "Sandman"-a mythical figure who threw sand into the eyes of children and dug them out.

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Nathaniel met his teacher’s son Olympia. She was “tall, slender, well-proportioned, and well-dressed”, although “I can almost say that she is blind, as if she was sleeping with her eyes open.” Nathan Neil was fascinated by her. "He had never had such a great auditor before [several hours]. She sat motionless, staring into the eyes of her beloved, her expression becoming more active and enthusiastic. Only when Nathaniel finally stood up When kissing her hand-no doubt her mouth-did she say,'Ah, ah!'"

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His friend Siegmund tried to understand his attraction to this dumb man. “Her every move seems to be controlled by the clockwork, the unpleasant, soulless regularity of the machine.” Olympia frightened Sigmund and Other friends of Nathaniel: "We don't want to have anything to do with her," he told Nathaniel. In fact, when Nathaniel watched Olympia’s "father" Professor Sparanzani arguing with Kopelius, he witnessed Olympia falling apart in their hands and eventually becoming a "Japanese sex doll" (Translation by RJ Hollingdale, 1982).

Anthony is one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement in Germany and published "The Sandman" in 1816. In 1881, Jacques Offenbach adapted this story together with two other Anthony works into an opera. In 1891, Tchaikovsky composed music for the ballet based on another Anthony story, "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". But Anthony himself did not live to see these cross-media successes. He died of syphilis in 1822 at the age of 46. He contracted syphilis when he was young.


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